• I The Fallen Walls Of Agurak (A Time Of Misery) Part I – Remix
    II The Fallen Walls Of Agurak (A New Beginning) Part II – Remix
    III Love Poem For Elizabeth Bathory
    IV When The Istari Wizards Appeared In Middle Earth (The Days Of The Kings Had Come To An End)
    V Dorchacht (Unreleased)
    VI Ruins (Unreleased)
    VII Unsere Rache (Unreleased)
    VIII Tá Mé An Ceann Amháin A Mhaireann (Unreleased)

    Cd version of 1994 Demo + Unreleased tracks. Remastered by Equitant in 2019.

    Release Date : July 2019

    Available here

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