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    You have been warned…

    The mighty Ancient Spirit Terror announced its return last year with issue #5 and presents his new and 6th strike now with absolute pride: Being one of the best Underground Metal Fanzines on this fukkin earth during these fukked up times (Black & Death Metal, the traditional extreme ones!!!), a huge step of improvement can be found in this issue regarding the (already great) questions, same as a new but still traditionally held layout (absolute Underground Madness) which catches the mystical aura of the interviewed ones in a perfect way:

    -Mortuary Drape
    -Nocturnal Breed (AN INTERVIEW YOU WON’T FORGET!!! By far one of the most radical ones I’ve ever read, ha!!!!)
    -Moenen of Xezbeth
    -Pentacle (fukkin long one!!!)
    -The Chosen One
    -Cemetery Fog
    -Spectral Moon
    -and many more!!! No Reviews this time, only in-depth interviews with many great photos and ads of killer UG distros/labels/zines!!! In total this zine (A4!!!) contains 104 pages of absolute metal mayhem!!!


    Ancient Spirit Terror

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