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    Obscure true and traditional USBM, performed without compromise and with a mindset that is proudly stuck in the 90s. Anu is Satanic black metal supremacy dedicated to the eternal night and the complete darkness, lead in solitude by sole invocator Drathrul, who is or was also in Demoncy, Hour Of 13, Set, Profane Grace among others.

    Anu is active since the mid 90s and previously released a couple of demos and an album but remained underground. The riffs and compositions here are repetitive, cold and evil and remind me of later Judas Iscariot and early Darkthrone, but with a production that is a lot heavier and more in the vein of Demoncy. Slight use of keyboards subtly mixed to the background adds to the atmosphere, as do a couple of synth-only tracks. Now, five obscured years after the latest public release, Anu crawls out of the shadows with the official release of two titles.

    “Eternal obscurity” is the bands latest output, originally spread as ultra limited cassette but now properly released onto the masses on CD format by Heidens Hart for the first time.

    Anu plays classic and traditional black metal with dark synth parts that will absolutely appeal to fanatics of aforementioned bands, as well as Godless North, Black Funeral, Nightbringer


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