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    Alert! Huom! Obs! This issue concentrates on pure nostalgia.

    A few years ago I made the personal list of the hundred best albums ever. Then I started to think how well I know these albums. And after that I started to make this issue, which concentrates on six albums of that list.

    This is a work of not-so-young teenager who lived through the mid/late nineties with Nuclear Blast catalogs, Terrorizer magazines and worshiping Peaceville. No groundbreaking points of view or searching for the meaning of life, but six in-depth interviews about these pieces of art:

    KATATONIA: Brave Murder Day
    AUTOPSY: Mental Funeral
    MY DYING BRIDE: Angel and the Dark River
    FORGOTTEN WOODS: Curse of Mankind
    BEYOND DAWN: Revelry
    NUIT NOIRE: Lunar Deflagration

    24 b/w A4pages, simple layout, small font, what else do you need.

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