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    Old tombs have been violated! One of the darkest acts of malignancy recorded during the 1990s was duly revisited by HAMMER OF DAMNATION. Long before and far beyond Black Metal to become mainstream and circus by the graces of the Poles, here in Brazil the true death cult was practiced by Brazilians BEHEMOTH! Preceding another great name, ARCHANGELLUS, the Brazilian BEHEMOTH recorded true masterpieces such as “Malignant Ascencion of Sathanas” in 1992 and "Satanic Black Temple of Goat" in 1993. Now these two works of the national underground were gathered on CD, with audio remastered by Heitor Daguer (ex SONGE D’ENFER) who together with former members gathered all the material related to that golden age!


    Hammer of Damnation

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