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    The commemorate the day of Solstice, Frost And Fire Records offer to all our supporters a bunch of bundles in a very special price. This is in truly limited numbers and it will be available as long as supplies last.

    The SOUTHERN WAR METAL bundle consists of:

    GOATPENIS Flesh Consumed in The Battlefield CD
    The return of the Brazilan Blackgrind War Metal Commando. The follow up to the band’s highly praised album from 2011 “Depleted Ammunition”, displays the band returning with a vengeance and fury aimed at anyone who dares to stand in their way. 11 tracks of insanity driven barbarity performed and delivered with the band’s unique blend of Grindcore, Black Metal and Death Metal to create a form of audial warfare that could be described as nothing other than what they have defined and labeled themselves for well over 2 decades: WAR METAL.

    Featuring guest appearances on the track “Effects Of Radiation On Humans” by J. Read of REVENGE/CONQUEROR and Antichrist Kramer of INTOLITARIAN/DEATHKEY, and a cover of guitarist Virrugus’s previous band BY DISGRACE OF GOD with the song “By Disgrace Of God” from their 1999 demo of the same name.

    GOATPENIS Atomic Rituals II CD
    New official compilation including rare & live material.

    Cd includes:
    Pulverize The Human Race (demo 2007)
    Celebrating The Revenge of All The Times ( single 2005)
    Live in Helsinki 2012 (taken directly from soundboard)
    4 tracks from Apocalypse War in raw version
    A total of 20 tracks!

    GOATPENIS Semen Anno Domini 1992 CD
    Re-press of the cd that was released by Infernus Rex back in 2004 plus bonus tracks.
    Semen Anno Domini is an unrelased GOATPENIS demo from 1992. Brazilian Black War Metal!

    SEVEN DEADLY SINS Welcome Radiation CD
    Originally Seven deadly Sins was recorded in 1997 by Sabbaoth (Goatpenis) and Juliano Scharf (ex-Goatpenis).
    In 2020 the final version completely re-recorded and mastered gets a new version on CD via Pagan war rex.

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