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    Alas, the time has arrived for Coscradh‘s full-length debut: Nahanagan Stadial. The album’s title is an Irish term for a rapid onset of a glacial period 10,000 years ago, rendering life extinct. A massive rise in oceans blocked out the sun, and coronal mass ejections and sunbursts hit the planet, overturning civilization, which brought a new ice age upon the island of Ireland. Perhaps fittingly, Coscradh sonically approximate such upheaval with a ceaselessly roiling attack that’s alternately their clearest and most overwhelming iteration of that by-now-trademark sound. From bestial explosions to quicksand whirlpools to old-fashioned asskicking thrust, the quartet give a masterclass here in timeless death energy, imbued with a wild-eyed sturm und drang that’s blanching to behold. And the fact that they don’t hide behind miles of murk only heightens the strength of their songwriting across this five-song/41-minute plunge into eldritch depths.

    Four pits of brutal ritual death, by hanging, sword, burning and bludgeoning, spat forth in the ancient language of South Uist, Gàidhlig: Nahanagan Stadial is Coscradh‘s penultimate statement of savagery!


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