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    From the very depths of the Hellenic underground comes the first issue of DAMNATUS ZINE.
    Created and compiled by HJARULV HENKER during the years 2014-2017 DAMNATUS include on its blood smeared pages the following interviews:

    ADYTUM (Eng), LUSTRATION(Aus), ORLOK (Fin), ABSURD (Ger), NECROMONARCHIA DAEMONUM (Fin), VETALA (Por), CONJURO (Por), AZELSGARD (Pol), INFERNUM (Pol, rare mid-90s interview), VAMPYRIC BLOOD (Aus), FULLMOON (Pol, rare mid-90s interview), BLACK FUNERAL (Us, unreleased 1997 interview), MONS VENERIS (Por), WOLFBLOOD (Aus), NECROSTRIGIS (Pol), RATTENKONIG (Aus), RAIO NEGRO (Por) and WHITE WOLVES KOMMANDO (Fin).

    66 Pages , A4 Size

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