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    “Fuil Na Seanchoille’s debut album, 2011’s “Hunger” sees the chaotic brutality of the two preceding demos coalesce into a cold, barren, urban sound of hopeless violence. Inspired by the concept of London City as the centre of all earthly evil, a snarling dark aggression evokes throats clutched by the hands of the usurper. Wild transcendental guitars and unhinged vocal patterns echo across a primitive tapestry of bass and drums, with the album concurrently more claustrophobic and more spacious than the earlier works. Composed over “18 hellish months spent in London from 2009-10” (Boothaevens Magazine), a relentlessly depressive vein runs through the core of the album. An almost narcotic sense of grim stupor invests each note with bitter malevolence, a wide range of dark shades present. Having transcended the influences of the early years, this is a unique expression of black metal with few peers and little-to-no sonic comparison.”


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