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    Funeral Winds formed in 1991 as a trio composed of Hellchrist Xul (guitars/vocals), Gorgoroth (vocals), and Esteban (drums). Along with Bestial Summoning, which was founded approximately one year earlier, Funeral Winds was among the earliest of black metal bands to emerge from the Netherlands, and its activity through to the present day makes it one of the most significant in the country’s history. Given the era of the band’s formative years and its relative proximity to Norway, it is not surprising that Funeral Winds played in a style similar to that of the more well-known Norse bands like Mayhem and Gorgoroth.

    “The Unheavenly Saviour” compiles the first two demos (“Rehearsal 1992” and “La Majeste Infernable”), a live track, and an unreleased studio track from 1995


    Nuclear War Now!

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