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    Not ones to rest on their by-now-considerable laurels, GOATBLOOD are back with LP#3, Apparition of Doomsday. Ever aptly titled, Apparition of Doomsday is indeed a more pronounceably doomed-out face of these Teutonic beasts, but one no less frightening. Whereas GOATBLOOD’s previous two full-lengths kept to a many-tracks/short-length schematic – in essence, nodding to nascent grindcore like early Blood, Extreme Noise Terror, and Doom as they do to bestial progenitors Blasphemy and Beherit – here on Apparition of Doomsday do the duo blackgrind with the best of them, but often (and DEVASTATINGLY) downshift into righteously crushing ‘n’ hypnotic moments most Archgoated. As such, there’s still a hefty number of tracks (14 compared to its predecessor’s 18), but this significant shift is echoed in the new album’s more-flexed length of 46 minutes. During its duration, GOATBLOOD once again offer a surprising variety of songcraft, from martial bestiality to pounding primitivism to even bestialized death and pig-fucking gore, always leaving the listener lacerated and excitingly so.


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