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    Ever the iconoclast, Ledney brings back HAVOHEJ a whole ten years later with yet another defiant, shapeshifting form: “Table of Uncreation,” his third album under the banner. Exploring the seemingly wide divide between space and suffocation, here does Ledney draw the two together into a mesmerizing, monged-out subversion of black metal into simply BLACK. Traces of the entire HAVOHEJ aesthetic are well represented here on “Table of Uncreation,” and then spliced ‘n’ diced into juddering panoramas of primitive sonic filth. Truly, Ledney pierces the veil of forbidden forces only revealed to the blackest and most depraved of minds, as “Table of Uncreation” indeed lives up to its namesake and aborts “black metal” convention and instead vomits forth a crude, caustic, yet exceptionally nuanced type of undead birth. It’s as blasphemous as Ledney’s legendary work in Profanatica, but defiles tradition with an evil avant-garde touch that is HAVOHEJ’s alone.

    Quite simply, there’s very little, past and especially present, that can be compared to HAVOHEJ. While Ledney could’ve certainly left his legacy intact and left the name in permanent hiatus, with “Table of Uncreation” does he continue to challenge even the hardiest and hardened ears – and defiles them forevermore. Long live HAVOHEJ, and may it continue to die exquisite deaths.


    Hell`s Headbangers

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