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    Aptly titled Lurking in the Depths, IRAE’s fifth album is yet another snapshot of Vulturius’ particular headspace at that given time, much like its lauded long-playing predecessors. The mainman created the framework of the album during March, April, and May 2019 with a session drummer; letting the album sit and simmer for a while, he returned with new ideas at the beginning of 2020 and completed it by February, granting another session musician to provide synths. All-consuming as ever, IRAE’s fire is as fresh as it is ancient, and the ripped ‘n’ righteous results speak for themselves.

    Vulturius’ canvas is spread before him, his palette all shades of black. With it, Lurking in the Depths paints a picture of the will of self-isolation and the tiredness of this world, where everyone and everything wants its five minutes of fame and where things come and go… Not IRAE, however: nearing 20 years as a band, the man has been involved in the black metal scene for even longer. As such, he sees himself as a kind of an eternal spectator. “I see hype bands come and go,” he rues, “some of them good and some total shit that I really can´t understand what is going on, because before I’m a black metal musician, I’m a black metal fan.” That perspective indeed informs the title Lurking in the Depths…


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