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    Alas, with the highly anticipated Father Sun Mother Moon, KAWIR return to an all-Greek lineup and recast their classic sound in a whole new light.

    In many ways, Father Sun Mother Moon is a record that could’ve hailed from the early days of KAWIR’s pagan transition. A mysticism from ancient times blankets these hymns to the Hellenic Pantheon, made all the more stirring by being delivered in actual Ancient Greek Language. The incorporation of ethic instruments and atmospheres lends Father Sun Mother Moon not only an authenticity that is extremely difficult to replicate, but a very literally otherworldly aura that brims with the triumph and tragedy, enlightenment and bloodlust, of Greece’s ancient mythological canon. In fact, the album was recorded nine kilometers away from the legendary Thermopylae. “We tried to catch the original epic vibe that surrounds the ancient lands,” says founding guitarist Therthonax.


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