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    Crawling out of the underground comes a timeless tome of paeans to mortality and demise. Cloaked in NÅSTROND’s trademark diseased, dark atmosphere, “Muspellz Synir” is the aural epitome of decrepit death, the soundtrack to life’s dying embers or perhaps a burial at sea. Here, the sinister Swedes tap into a well of primitive inspiration to unlock 14 funeral rites permeated by pestilence, inviting you to breathe in the fumes of bereavement. Abstract yet tangibly evil, the occult, ritualistic blackness of this release is at once suffocating, discomforting and funereal. Bilingual spells, ancient odes, primeval sentiments and sacred chants wash over the wretched depths of human sorrow to paint an ocean of apathy caressing some dark, despondent shore in the netherworld. A claustrophobic production complements the subtle, shapeshifting soundscapes perfectly, resulting in an ambience that is death personified. Drown forever in the bleak and bitter mythology of “Muspellz Synir”. This shimmering reflection of NÅSTROND’s world is as depraved, deep and diverse as Black Metal gets. World demands destruction!


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