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    Second full length for this young Italian Doom Metal band. This new album features six tracks made up of monolithic riffs coupled with heavily pounding drumming, deeply throbbing bass and epic-styled haunting vocals.
    As their previous releases the general atmosphere of this second album is rather dark with a slight hint of melancholy, and it surely bear a disheartening feeling of anxiety, just as a flying nightgaunt (from Lovecraft’s narrative efforts) was chasing you. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Devil’s Mark Studio (Demonomancy, Destroyer666…)

    The Room’s aim is to convey all the effects that a loss has on the human soul: rage, desperation, denial and depression that will be ultimately processed in the phases of bargaining and acceptation.
    Each song wants to evoke all these feelings in a dark mixture of violence and melody, heavy as the emotional Maelstrٰöm that swallows the individual facing grief in all its shapes.


    Terror From Hell Records

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