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    The Misanthrope is the film debut from Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto and provides a unique insight into the heart of the Norwegian Black Metal scene.

    This special package includes The Misanthrope on DVD, plus a soundtrack CD consisting of music especially written for the film.

    The DVD also features extras including stills/photo gallery, the promo video for Darkthrone’s ‘Too Old, Too Cold’, as well as extremely rare vintage videos of performances of ‘Thulcandra’ and ‘Archipelago’.

    As Nocturno modestly says this is a strange documentary/fiction film, not suitable for everyone. It is, however, an indispensable document for all followers of Darkthrone and the Norwegian Black Metal scene in general, and features unique footage of Darkthrone in rehearsal, Aura Noir, strange trips to the forest, and an excursion to Japan.



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