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    The traditional raw and brutal ambience once created by brazilian bands during the end of 80´s ´till early 90´s was trademarked by the South American scene, which became inspirational to the rest of the world, but with the passing years most of these bands fell into commercial (mainstream) shit.
    Since RAVENDARKS MONARCHAL CANTICLE was created in early 2000, their music sounded like the resurgence of a golden age in the South American underworld, clearly evidenced in their debut album “Sob a Bandeira do Odio e da Arrogancia” as well as a lot of other releases in their career.
    The second full length album of RMC summons seven new battle hymns, with concepts based and dedicated to the history of revolution and inner battles from 1932. Also features two coversions for SODOM´s “Sodomy and Lust” with portuguese lyrics and HOLOCAUSTO “Regimento da Morte”.
    “Sobre as Cinzas do Fracasso Alheio” (in english, Upon the Ashes of Oblivious Failure) is the next chapter of Brazilian War Metal Commando, continuing where HOLOCAUSTO stopped in their debut album “Campos de Exterminio” or even the demo-era of GOATPENIS… Don´t expect for anything crystal clear here, this is the return of an old and forgotten path, once ruled by the mastermind creators of Brazilian Black/Death/War Metal such as MUTILATOR, SARCOFAGO, CHAKAL, TAURUS amongst others.


    Hammer of Damnation

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