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    Although the members of StarGazer are among the most active musicians in the Australian underground metal scene, they only infrequently release music under the StarGazer banner. Because of the band’s meticulous approach to every aspect of the music, when they do finally put out new material, there is little doubt as to the degree of quality one can expect. For these reasons, the announcement earlier this year that a new StarGazer album was on the horizon has generated a massive amount of anticipation, and with the release of “A Merging to the Boundless,” expectations will not only be met, but exceeded. Despite approaching the 20-year mark of StarGazer’s existence, “A Merging to the Boundless” is only the band’s third full-length album. Each of the band’s releases demonstrates continual growth and evolution, while maintaining the core traits that characterize all of StarGazer’s music. With this album, as with the previous one, “A Great Work of Ages,” the band continues to shed old skins, revealing new, variegated forms and patterns beneath. In reference to StarGazer one often hears terms like “Progressive Death Metal.”


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