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    No fucken covid or nuclear bomb could stop the release of Terozin #7 – born in the land of mud, despair and poverty. Still ugly, disastrous and delayed it was printed in 200 copies to celebrate the primordial forms of the ancient metal cult. Besides AIDS, plague and gangrene on its 76 pages, you will find interrogation with the following criminals:

    Concrete Winds (FIN)

    Herxheim (US)

    Circle of Dawn (FIN)

    Crucifier (US)

    Estenosis (PAN/ESP)

    Magog (POL)

    Pacto Amen (CHL)

    Magnanimus (CHL)

    A.K.U. (US)

    Tomb (MAL)

    Warfare Noise (FIN)

    Caixao (PRT)


    Terozin Mag & Tapes

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