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    -6-panel digipak CD with gold pantone
    -Ilustrations by Marko Marov_
    In 2018, from the magician’s black gaping maw emerged the the crawling  snake of Thanatomass. While black in its soul, the serpent was anything but a crude seeker of gnosis, instead veiled with rich beauty, with long streaks of shining jewels, some of fully unique and original design, some representing deep mystic traditions like the  treasures of Ancient Hellas.
    Within the five long tracks of MMXV-MMXVI Thanatomass slithers and coils on its esoteric path towards Pharmakon Gnosis and Lucifer’s Court. Taking many shapes, sometimes attacking with cruel ferocity, sometimes pondering deeply the mysteries of the crusade against the Grail, the songs yet always remain devilishly seductive and catchy.
    Thanatomass’s occult path surely does not tread through the reverb-drenched caves of riffless shapelessness, but approaches thehigher understanding with fiery fists banging through all of the SevenGates during its ascension. These black spells are written with a quill pen dipped in the heartbloods of Heavy and Doom. Considered ademo, there’s nothing demolike in these songs, each of them a fully fleshed formulas of black alchemy with a clear and thunderous production. Lyrically Thanatomass is as eloquent and hydralike as musically drawing inspirations from the Luciferian Anti-Grail Quests of OttoRahn as well as Dale Pendell’s psychedelic ethnobotany.


    Black Sun Society

    Living Temple Records

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