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    Destruktion Records proudly presents: “TRIUMPHANT – Wraith Amongst the Living” EP

    Several years have passed since the last EP “Chant of Lost Souls” and finally it’s time to announce the release of the newest EP, which presents the new chapter of the austrian hellbeast ‘Triumphant’! No more heavy/black-thrash oriented, Triumphant ‘evolved’ into a traditional black metal force, without losing its roots… strong melodies and the majestic atmosphere (similar to old Diabolic Masquerade) are still at hand and made this new EP another unique stone of their history. Once again be advised, that this EP only spreads its entire majesty of darkness while listening in one session complete – thus I do not recommend to listen to the (in my opinion not very well chosen) ‘promo’ track on youtube-shit! Triumphant delievered an unique extreme metal EP once again, in the finest tradition of the austrian underground (few but better ones). Official pro-done tape version by Destruktion Records.

    Limited Edition of 100 copies, only!


    Destruktion Records

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