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    A compilation CD that includes tracks from sold-out and rare early releases of this Italian NSBM band.

    track from 1 to 5 is from “THE BLACK SUN DEMO” (2005)
    track from 6 to 14 is from “LA PACE E’ UNA FASE TEMPORANEA DEMO” (2004)
    track from 15 to 17 is from “I GIORNI DEL COMBATTIMENTO MCD” (2003)
    track 18 is the unrealesed demo NAVARTRI: “THE LOST HISTORY OF THE BEGINNING”(2006)
    track 19 is the “S.S. VIR ALLE DEMO” (2002)
    track 20 is the “TRONO DI SANGUE DEMO” (2001)


    War Kommand/NBK Records

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