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    HARVEST OF DEATH, a division of SIGNAL REX, is proud to present WAMPIRVS SINISTRVS’ striking debut mini-album, Blood of the Vampyre, on single-sided 12″ vinyl format, strictly limited to 200 pieces black records.

    (Silkscreen on B-side, 280 black card stock fold-over with withe silkscreen print made by Mr.Shirt Guy)

    Otherwise new and otherwise mysterious, WAMPIRVS SINISTRVS hail from parts unknown. With such a moniker, it’s only suitable that the entity’s spiritual locale is some desolate castle, deep in the dungeon, residing in a coffin until the call of the night awakens its hunger and lust…

    Indeed, WAMPIRVS SINISTRVS honor the ancient ways of ’90s black metal vampirism, back before circus clowns ruined anything qualified as “vampiric” – when revered cults like France’s Vlad Tepes and America’s Black Funeral held sway over the diehard and dedicated. Blood of the Vampyre, as such, is thusly ruinous nostalgia ripped asunder: it seeks to supplant the rosiness of remembered times for ones rife with rot, decay, and general antagonism. This is utterly grim, remorselessly raw BLACK METAL for those who still march to the black holocaust and the throne of the beast – for those lost in time, out of time, their thirst for blood unquenched. That the record is thematically inspired by the 1922 expressionist film classic Nosferatu, Eine Symphonie des Grauens further underlines its exquisitely mildewed nature.

    WAMPIRVS SINISTRVS is not a diamond in the rough, but will stay unknown – drink deeply of their Blood of the Vampyre while you can!


    Harvest of Death

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