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    18 years after Wind of the Black Mountains’ last album, Tchort rises from the grave in order to deliver a postmortem blow of True Antichrist US Black Metal to a scene gone soft and sanctimonious!
    “Summoned By Shadows” offers 4 remarkable tracks recorded just prior to the passing of our Satanic Brother. This lost studio recording sees Tchort perfectly combining the atmospheric sound pioneered on “Sing Thou Unholy Servants” with the more brutal sounding “Black Sun Shall Rise”, showcasing his remarkable ability in Satanic song craft! While Tchort may not be physically present in this realm, thou shall not mourn, for he left us with this final musical legacy to raise him from the embers.
    Moribund Records is honored to unleash this lost recording as a tribute to Jeff “Tchort” Elrod, with additional bonus songs from the band’s rare, self-titled second demo, the cult classic “Forcefed into Blasphemy” 7” EP, as well as several unreleased bonus tracks from the vast Moribund Cult archives! Recovered from studio DAT tapes provided to long-time Wind of the Black Mountains drummer Nybras, “Summoned By Shadows” was completed with help from prior Masochist bassist (and Summon leader), Xaphan. The TRUE will recognize this as Tchort’s call from beyond the grave- the rest will eternally suffer !!
    Take up thy chalice and drink the dark wine in tribute to and celebration of the Cult Warrior, Tchort!!


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