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    Ancestors Blood’s legacy are three tracks of epic Finnish black metal, which stand as both a culmination as well as a final monument of what the band has represented since their beginning in 2002. Epic and bombastic hymns with their classic and wellknown sound. Three pure tracks, created without pressure but only following the voice of the blood. Let the flames of our ancestors burn forever in our hearts. Hail and farewell!

    Heimdalls Wacht contribute two lengthy tracks that continue in the vein of the latest album but with a more rough sound. Recorded in 2020 – grimly performed with both fury and melancholy, but always in defiance against the modern world. With this release, Heimdalls Wacht closes the chapter with Skjeld and will soon announce news regarding the lineup and new album. Only time and wind will tell…


    Heiden's Hart Records

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