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    BLACK GOAT from the medieval Serpukhov in Russia started back in 1999 as a solo venture by founder IX. Later further troops were brought in as bassist Graver and a few drummers through the years. Playing a creaking, lo-fi, ritualistic Black Metal from enticing Russia, they remain grounded and primitive. However, they kept their output without interruption as they have released impressive 14 demos and a considerable number of splits, EPs and compilations ensued before a proper full-length, “The Ultimate Revelation”, appeared in 2016. For the next six years the onslaught of releases continues and the latest which is now their fifth full-length, “Demogorgon – The Inmost Darkness Itself” speaks full volumes of the uncompromising and voracious intent of this horde. And continuing their traditions from previous releases and albums, the new record is also old school, raw Black Metal with menacing vocals.

    Voices From The Darkside


    Iron Blood and Death

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