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    Nuclear War Now! is proud to announce an agreement to officially reissue the first two albums of Hades (Nor), “…Again Shall Be” (1994) and “The Dawn of the Dying Sun” (1997) on all relevant formats, including DLP / CD / cassette / digital. In an effort to most completely document Hades’ early output, “…Again Shall Be” will include the “Alone Walkyng” demo from 1993 in its entirety as bonus tracks, and “The Dawn of the Dying Sun” will include two additional bonus tracks from the era. NWN! Is working directly with the band and Jon of Full Moon Productions, who released the original versions, in order to produce the highest-quality reissues to honor the legacy of one of Norway’s most significant black metal bands. These recordings represent some of the best of the sound and Viking-related themes first pioneered by Bathory on “Blood Fire Death,” and they stand alongside such monumental releases as Immortal’s “Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism” and Enslaved’s “Frost” in the pantheon of Norwegian Black Metal.


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