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    Tribute to Muke Mistreat – Half Century – Double Compact Disc

    To the delight of the fans, one album was not enough, songs kept arriving from all over the world to pay tribute and surprise the Finnish artist on his 50th birthday. This time the booklet contains concert posters, lots of photos and greetings from friends.

    Including tracks from:  Blue Eyed Devils (USA) , Code 291 & Vinterdis (SWE) , Abtrimo (GER) , Muerte y Calaveras (ARG)
    Barny (GER)  Konfrontation (GER)  Kitörés (HUN)  White Minority (FIN) , Pagan Skull (FIN) , Sniper (FIN) , Sons of Odin , Baltic Bastards (GER) , Valkoiset Paholaiset (FIN) , PWA (EST) , Goatmoon (FIN) , Squadron 28 (UK/FIN) , Rusty Nailbomb (FIN) , The Yardbombs , Stormheit (FIN) , Sniper & Joukkohauta (FIN) , Marder (FIN) , The White Gigolos (GER) , Thumbscrew (SPA), Vapaudenristi (FIN)


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