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    2nd press. Red cassette with black ink, housed on red cases with red cardboard 2 panels j-card.

    Negros Manifestos de Ordem Venusiana, a split LP presented on noble vinyl, to honor the ancient ways.
    Indeed, both hordes wholly honor the ancient ways, and understandably are two of the mightiest and most respected hordes in Portugal’s nowadays raw black metal scene.
    Negros Manifestos de Ordem Venusiana is something of an intergenerational pairing, however, as MONS VENERIS have been prolifically polluting the underground since 2003 while ORDEM SATANICA, by comparison, started their near-equally prolific onslaught in 2014.
    Nevertheless, as representatives of the Portuguese Black Metal, here on Negros Manifestos de Ordem Venusiana do both hordes create provocative portrayals of their unique darkness and despair.
    ORDEM SATANICA are on Side A and unfurl three haunting and medieval tracks, roaming the castle with that spectral rawness they’ve truly made their own the last few years.
    MONS VENERIS are on Side B and offer an epic, side-long track that roams the rawest dungeons, spanning punkish bash and hypnotic hysteria alike, torrents of noise to ruin your soul.
    Behold Negros Manifestos de Ordem Venusiana and obey Their will!


    Harvest of Death

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