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    Nortfalke is a new and enthusiastic project creating a very unique and sophisticated form of complex electronic music. Fans of Ambient will be pleased with the new album Seefunktjonderee as will those who have taken to liking to Dungeon Synth. However, Nortfalke replaces the lo-fi aspect with something that is found too rarely nowadays: skill.

    It is somewhat hard to describe the many details that make Norttfalke’s first epos so special. Meditative and clearly fleshed out loops form an atmosphere of melancholy and dreaminess that immediately captures the listener and holds his attention throughout the entire running time. As opposed to some of the lesser artists creating similar material, the sound is fleshy and full, always pleasant and filled with many subtle nuances that make the songs interesting despite the lengthy running time.

    Although Seefunktjonderee is rather homogenous, the three respective tracks still manage to evoke their own atmosphere and identity. The second song „Yn it schymenryk“ almost seems like a hymn from a fantasy film. Aetherial synthsounds and strong upfront melodies clothe the piece in a semi-medieval majesty that has been rarely reached before. The following Jeeuwne Mone is more calm but still highly catchy with its rhythmic qualities and allround superb composition. Seefunktjonderee by Nortfalke is a highly ambitious and well-crafted album which absolutely should not be missed!


    Dunkelheit Productionen

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