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    Translating to “To Take The Life Of A Christian With A Knife” this is another collection of painful and tortured songs. Three new tracks plus the previously unreleased “Monolith Of Depression” song, another 26 minute of suffering in music which is going to be available in both digital and physical formats.

    The band exposed the concept behind the new album as follows: “.. its the act of murder. The samples used are from a knife murder last year. Two old people got stabbed to death in their beds.. The woman woke up and called 911. That is the sample and the main theme of the EP. Track 1 is the moment before – preparing in front of a fire.. Track 2, the title track is the act of murdering a Christian person in their bed with a knife. Track3 is the aftermath, burning the corpses..”.

    Nothing joyful to think about but negativity and death. This is reality. Get ready for another milestone in modern extreme doom. Where drone and sludge collide, Pissboiler play a funeral dirge for the living.


    Dying Sun Records

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