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    Band`s brand new 2nd album released by Darker Than Black Rex! This is absolutist black/death metal with pagan elements, stripped down for travel, using fewer chords and arpeggiated overlays and more direct and sinuous riffing of power chords and sturdy but intricate leads. Grating in an ear-abusive manner this music elaborates on the European style of narrative black/death metal with simple thundering music. Often disconnected, these songs betray a confused heritage of rock, metal and underground Swedish death metal which they fuse with pure rhythm and abrupt interrupt-based structure. This seam is smoothed by adroit use of percussion in both drums and guitar, which through deft hints drops a framework for changes to come. Where excellent they are both pugilistic and synthetic in joining randomness to a line of understanding, especially on the atmospheric instrumental concluding the music.


    Darker Than Black

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