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    The seventh issue of Bestial Desecration Fanzine is finally out now and became the strongest edition of all so far in terms of radical underground ideology and true spirit, wherefore I sent out my deepest gratitude and respect to all the bands of this issue who proved and demonstrated proudly their iron will and true dedication to the bloody underground cult throughout these 120 pages!! This issue contains detailed conversations and radical discussions about the true devotion and morbid faith of each band, which are:

    -Guerreros de Lucifer/Nebiros (Colombia)
    *Exclusive conversation with Bael on 26 pages of pure underground radicalism!!!!!!!!!!*
    -Blasphemaniac (Brazil)
    -Nekro Cvlt Desecration (Argentina/Venezuela)
    -Master of Cruelty (Paraguay)
    -Warfare Noise (Paraguay)
    -Witchfukker (Netherlands)
    -Hellcrash (Italy)
    -Exult (Chile)
    -Tungsten Axe (Sweden)
    -Sepulchral Voices (Belgium/Paraguay)
    -Hellrot (Mexico)
    -Bafomet (Japan)

    Also featuring several band-biographies, record/zine-reviews and including a special bonus-zine:

    02. “Imperial Forces of the Southern Hell Legions”
    Exclusive “Paraguay” Underground-Report including biographies, band-list and comments by several artists and maniacs from the unholy cult of south american hell! (24 pages)!!

    This is not the average, half-assed trendy shit papers you’ll see everyday… this is pure metal holocaust!!!
    Rise and resist or cease to exist!


    English Language , Size A5


    Destruktion Records

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