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    It took an awfully long time but here it is!

    72 A4 sized, b/w pages (english language) full of nonsense and rubbish, just the way you like it. This time we got Goetie Exhumation Distro, Grendel’s Syster, Angkor Vat, Dungeon Grease / Crude Form, Morbital, Buckshot Facelift AND a very old, unpublished interview from 1990 with Euronymous of the true MAYHEM – aaarrrggghh. Apart from that I got plenty of articles on various bullshit topics, personal opinions about nothing and everything plus senseless ranting for you. And, of course, another volume of the „Twilight Zone Of Zines“ – you won’t find any better source when it comes to worldwide fanzine activities. Isn’t that exciting? Yes it is! Oh, and there’s a nice A2 sized Miasma poster for you, too.



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