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    Dolentia have laid bare a stark monument of emotive, mystical black metal. Surging forth with cascading waves of ritualism, ghoulish and desperate, Dolentia ensnare the listener right from the very start, and unlike a number of their immediate contemporaries, they have captured a clear yet uncompromised recording, all of which highlight the band’s lyrics written in their native tongue, dealing with death, occultism, witchcraft, Portuguese mysticism, old rituals, old ruins, lost hidden places in the depths of the Portuguese mountains and forests: true pieces of poetry, just like their music, although not entirely accessible to non-Portuguese readers. In every way, Iniciação Eversiva is characteristic Dolentia, but taken to a bolder level, breathing ancient air and exhaling it in ways equally majestic and malignant.
    This CD version features bonus re-recorded songs from the 2007 demo ‘A Idade da Morte, Liturgia do Sangue e da Agonia, namely “Lapidis/Sacrificium” and “Era Portucalensis”. Limited to 500 copies.


    Altare Productions

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