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    The debut album by the Spanish speed metal band Iron Curtain

    Heavy metal maniacs play speed metal exclusively: they play it fast, they play it loud. Have been since Lemmy and Co. started banging it out louder and faster than everyone else in the late ‘70s; it was the most metal of metals thirty-some years ago and it’s still the most metal or metals. Done right, of course. When the aces of spades and masters of disguise and evil invaders came to bang heads, bang heads they did. Riffs are memorable, choruses are catchy: STD in a cheap whorehouse catchy. Try not to let “Chain Reaction” or “Black Fist” (“black fist/black leather fist/fist/black fist/black leather fist”!) get lodged in the heavy metal anthem section of your brain.


    Metal Command Records

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