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    Nuclear War Now! Productions hereby presents “Alterity,” Knelt Rote’s fourth album and one that continues along the same trajectory established by the previous sequence of recordings. The devastation wrought by the incessant percussive barrage and grinding guitars on “Alterity” is matched by the dark introspection into the human condition that it endeavors to navigate. The lyrics explore such themes as social dissolution, identity, mental illness, obsession and suicide in the context of fatalism and inevitability, as opposed to personal agency. The music reflects the complete removal of will in situations typically associated with decision-making and understandable causation, leaving one to question how much control he has over his fate in an environment so maligned with threats to self-preservation. The vaguely ominous artwork that adorns the cover and accompanying booklet serves to magnify this doubt, casting a web that promises to entangle any who hope to escape their imperiled existence.

    Knelt Rote morphed from a band whose sound was originally most identifiable within the boundaries of grindcore to one that later wandered further down the spectrum of aural extremity into the realm of black/death metal.


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