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    MESSE MORTUAIRE (meaning “mortuary mass”) from France don’t fucking mess around and drag the listener head straight into putrid, repulsive, chaotic Death Metal spewing filth in all directions. This is their debut 3 song demo plus intro / outro composed by Ludo “Evil” Lejeune (Evil Omen Records, MELEK-THA) and the guys under satanic pseudonyms apparently aren’t novices when it comes to Death Metal and played in SEPULCHRAL, LORD and others. In fact this is one of the rare instances when I totally agree with a PR blurb comparing “Nocturnal Demonic Visitation” to “AUTOPSY drenched in satanic fury with a few lessons in violence by BLASPHEMY” – it’s very spot on! All 3 tracks pushes the limits to intensity and often are broken by the slow, suffoccating, swampy riffs, accompanied by absurdly low, primitive growls. This creates a dark, uncomofortable feeling, driving towards insanity and unleashing uncontrollable headbanging. The production is raw and rough as cactus pit, sonic filth dribbles from the speakers, but to appreciate this, one must play it on maximum volume!



    Hammer of Damnation

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