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    At last, it arrives in full-length form bearing the all-too-accurate title Deranged Hexes. No more but definitely no less, Deranged Hexes is everything their previous MALICIOUS recordings delivered – from cobwebbed evil to gibbering intensity, ranging the likes of Necrovore, ‘80s Possessed, and especially Mike Browning-era Morbid Angel to the earliest (and best) works of Sarcofago and Sepultura – but upratchets them to a beyond-OTT level. There’s no half measures here, nor quarter given; Deranged Hexes is full-on blackened Metal of Death insanity given flight on leathery wings. Teeth-gnashing riffery, dangerously unhinged drumming, and feral howls from the abyss…everything comes spilling out their sepulchral cauldron, and FAST, leaving no room for breath nor safety in its eight-song/25-minute pillage of impurity. MALICIOUS taunt you to keep up, to resist…to survive. This is true power from Hell!

    Again, it cannot be overstated enough: MALICIOUS are ever-fucking-aptly monikered, and these are their Deranged Hexes!


    Invictus Productions

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