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    The history of PERUNWIT walks aside to the Polish Black Metal history as well as the legendary polish group named THE TEMPLE OF FULLMOON.
    Alongside cult polish bands such as MYSTERIES, VELES, GRAVELAND, XANTOTOL, VENEDAE, FULLMOON… PERUNWIT is one of the most important bands from the true and (in)famous polish underground, well knowed by split with LEGION and majestic “W Kregu Debów” album from 1995. Also, PERUNWIT´s former member Aro played in some other bands such as MINAS MORGUL, GROMOWLADNY, KRAINA BEZ WIATRU during the 90´s and now he is playing in LORD WIND, with Rob Darken, Alruna and Blasphemous from VELES.
    “Perkunu Yra Dang” was recorded in two chapters during 1996 and originally released only in professional tape format. The first part features a minimalist style of folk music, while the second one reaches the perfection, an unique style once created by LORD WIND´s debut album “Forgotten Songs”.
    HAMMER OF DAMNATION brings back this masterpiece of Polish Pagan War Folk for the first time in CD format, featuring Aro´s statement about the History of Polish Black Metal and The Temple of Fullmoon. This is not about music, this is a document about the History of Polish Black Metal!


    Hammer of Damnation

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